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A little history about the BMR Mogul Team:

Mogul Program started 10 years ago with an in-house Mogul program to teach the fundamentals and basics of mogul skiing and preparing athletes to enter USSA “B” Mogul Events throughout our area. 
The BMR Team has traveled a couple of times over the years to Seven Springs Resort to compete in the Seven Springs Smackdown Event, except this year we have expanded our travels to Mount Snow, VT to participate in the Corinthia Cup, a moguls competition from the Central Region within our Division. We are slowly increasing our Team’s presence and this year had 5 athletes qualify for the States Event. This would be equivalent to your Alpine Derbies events. The State Event by invite only.

The USSA Mogul Division within the Eastern Area is comprised of 3 Regions:

1) Eastern (ME,NH, N. VT)

2) Central (E. NY, S. VT, CT, MA)

3) Western (PA, W. NY, NJ, MD) and BMR is registered in the western region.


Athletes must sign up for US Ski and Snowboard Membership in order to compete in mogul events and are scored on the following USSS criteria: Turns & Line Score, Air/jump Score, Speed Score via electronic timing. 

Our home training consists of skiing moguls and doing acrobatic jumps in the park. A big part of jump training consists of take-off, air spatial awareness and landing. Since we jump directly into a mogul field the transitions are extremely important for higher scores in competition. We work a lot on fundamental skiing skills and focus on skiing pressure techniques and flexion and extension. Balance and Stance is continuously reinforced and staying stacked is needed to maintain speed while preparing for the upcoming jumps and landings.



The Mogul Team is always looking for new talent and we start training athletes at age 9 Thru U19.

We train from 9am - 2pm every Saturday and Sunday and usually go until Mid-March when Junior Championships are held.


This year the Regional Championship is being held at Bristol Mountain, NY and historically invites the regions Top 65 boys and Top 35 girls.


The Top regional athletes usually move up to “A” level who then participate in more advanced moguls/aerial training.



More advanced training like Water Ramps and trampoline are encouraged and the Wendell Camps are great avenues to improve in this sport. Some of our current athletes have participated in the advanced training and the results shows.

The biggest compliment I have for  my past and current athletes is the amazing fact that these young athletes who have gone through our Mogul program have gone or are about to join well known academic programs, such as: Princeton, University of Maryland, University of Colorado, Kutztown University, Rutgers and Penn College!

As a Coach, knowing the dedication and effort of these young athletes while maintaining an outstanding grade point average is the biggest compliment our program can attain! To see successful positive young adults later on in years is the best way to continue a strong program atmosphere and retain quality talent. I’m hoping we can continue further inspire young athletes involved in this extremely difficult sport!

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