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U16 Born 2004 and 2005
This is the first year the athletes compete as “scored” competitors. Athletes are able to earn USSS seed points based on race results and are seeded in start lists based on points rankings. Early season focuses on fundamental ski techniques through structured free skiing. With regional qualifying races, the focus quickly shifts to race tactics and gate training. Majority of training is spent in gates, but structured free skiing sessions are continued throughout the season. Athletes are expected to compete in Eastern PA Regional Races and are eligible to qualify for the U16 PA State Championships. From States, racers are able to able to qualify for the PARA State Team and Eastern Regional Events, including Eastern Championships and Eastern Finals. U16 athletes are allowed to compete in the PA Cup Series with coach’s approval. This program is designed for skiers age 14 and 15 who are interested in advanced racing techniques and plan to enter sanctioned races in Pennsylvania. Previous race training is not required but recommended. 

Training Dates: 

Saturdays & Sundays December 7, 2019 * through February 23, 2020

*Start date is dependent on Blue Mountain Ski Area opening date


Training Times:

8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Cost:   $750.00 by Oct. 31, 2019                        

            $800.00 after Oct. 31, 2019

U16 Schedule

January 18, 2020     *PA CUP 1     Tussey Mountain      SL

January 19, 2020     *PA CUP 2     Tussey Mountain      SL

January 19, 2020     U16/U14 Blue Mountain                GS

January 26, 2020     Jack Frost                                        SL

February 1, 2020      Kilgore Memorial Elk                     GS

February 3, 2020      Speed Camp Blue Mountain          SG

February 4, 2020      Speed Camp Blue Mountain          SG

February 7, 2020      *PA CUP 3      Blue Mountain          GS

February 8, 2020      *PA CUP 4      Blue Mountain          GS

February 9, 2020     * PA CUP 5      Blue Mountain          SL

February 16, 2020    Big Boulder                                      SL

February 21, 2020    State Championship  (Invite Only)SG

February 22, 2020    State Championship  (Invite Only)GS

February 23, 2020    State Championship  (Invite Only)SL

* Need Head Coach permission to enter race. 

All other races are QUALIFYING races for State Championships.