U18 Born 2003, 2004, 2005
U18 - Athletes age 17 turning 18 during the race season must complete background screening at the time of USSS registration.
Age 18 and older must complete background screening within 10 days of registration.
Athletes age 17 turning 18 must complete SafeSport Training prior to their 18th birthday

This program is designed for serious competitors ages 16 through 18 who want to race at local, state, and national levels.

These racers will be required to ski challenging courses set on difficult terrain. This program is competitive.

Athletes compete as “scored” competitors. Athletes are able to earn USSS seed points based on race results and are seeded in start lists based on points rankings.


 Majority of training is spent in gates, but structured free skiing sessions are continued throughout the season.  From the PA Cup Series, racers are able to able to qualify for the PARA State Team and Eastern Regional Events, including Eastern Finals and USSA Finals. 



At this level, an FIS license may be required depending on the level of competition. 

Training Dates: 

Saturdays & Sundays December * through February 

*Start date is dependent on Blue Mountain Ski Area opening date


Training Times:

8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Cost:  Before 10/31  $800.00 

           After 10/31 $850.00

U18 Schedule

 DATE            RACE            LOCATION           DISCIPLINE

15-Jan            PA Cup 1           Seven Springs              SL

16-Jan            PA Cup 2           Seven Springs              SL

4-Feb              PA Cup 3           Blue Mountain              GS

5-Feb              PA Cup 4           Blue Mountain              GS

6-Feb              PA Cup 5           Blue Mountain              SL

4-Mar              PA Cup 6           Elk                                 GS

5-Mar              PA Cup 7           Elk                                 SL

6-Mar              PA Cup 8           Elk                                 SL